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Congratulations to CDEW

CDEW (Centre for Development and Empowerment of Women) of the Bangalore Province (INK) is proud of its achievements in the recent past. Congratulations to Sr. Rosy Lopez, the Director and her collaborators.

CDEW has secured the “PASCUAL CHAVEZ AWARD 2013” for innovative Salesian Ministry in South Asia, presented by the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia. This award was given in appreciation of the Water Harvesting Programme titled “BLUE GOLD HARVESTING TANKS (Eco Friendly)” carried out by the sisters in Kattapana and Kanakakunnu of Idukki District, Kerala.

CDEW has adopted Eco-Friendly sustainable development in its innovative initiatives. In the year 2007, with the support of U.P.M. and Madre Selva Domisal, Spain, CDEW Society had succeeded to construct 147 Rain Water Harvesting Tanks at Kattappana, a hilly region of the Idukki District, Kerala. Water scarcity during the summer is very acute. At times people have to walk for miles to get a pail of water. Rain water would not sink in to the earth due to the geographical structure of the place. During the monsoon water rushes to the Arabian Sea within few hours and nothing seeps into the earth. Hence the problem for water in spite of the heavy rains Kerala receives.

Seeing the pitiable condition of the people, particularly the women who have to fetch water for the family from long distances Sr. Anna Theckekandathil, the former Director of CDEW worked hard to find some means of helping these people. With the help of generous donors CDEW initiated construction of Rain Water harvesting Tanks and it was a huge success. So far 462 tanks have been constructed and given to the poor families of Kattapana and Kanakakunnu.

Second reason for rejoicing is CDEW has launched its website on 5th July, during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the religious profession of Sr. Anna Chacko at Sacred Heart Convent, Bangalore. Thanks to Mr. Jose Jacob Kalayil, Chief Executive Officer, “Integro Infotech and Consulting” for the assistance given in the creation and launching of the website.

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