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Women’s Day celebration 2014 – Provincial House,Bangalore

The International Women’s day with its theme “Inspiring Change for Empowerment” was an opportune moment to look into our lives and ask ourselves what we can do as empowered women. We started our day with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Rev. Fr. James SDB, during which with a meaningful introduction we made known to the assembly the importance of this day and the need to work for the women who are less fortunate. During the prayer of the faithful Novices enacted different painful situation of women and girls and the atrocities perpetuated on women even in this 21st century and prayed for those women who are suffering. In the evening a prayer service was organized by CDEW Team in the Provincial house to mark the day.

We began our prayer with the procession wearing the orange badge that symbolizes the Orange day (Talithakum net -work that is working against the trafficking of women and girls). During the prayer moments we thanked for the womanhood God granted us and the welfare we receive from His bounty and also reflected upon the woman whose dreams are shattered due to injustice and violence due to many reasons and prayed for those who are deprived of even simple joys of life. Sr. Alice Chacko the Vice provincial, with her enriching talk enlightened the whole assembly on the importance of the organization “Talithakum” which is an International network of Consecrated life against trafficking persons. We concluded the session with the prayer for Anti-Human trafficking. Sr. Rosy Lopez presented the 1st book “Celebrating Success” a compilation of success stories of women, youth and children for whom we FMA work in all our 6 Provinces to Sr. Alice Chacko the Vice Provincial.

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