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Workshop on Neuro Linguistic Programming

CDEW Society organized three day workshop (29-9-2017 to 1-10-2017) on Neuro Linguistic Programming for the sisters and teachers. Around 34 sisters and teachers along with CDEW staff participated in the programme. Dr. Magimai Pragasam was the resource person of the workshop for these three days.

The workshop content included, ‘Programming our minds for success, mind management, ACT to make changes in our lives, sharpening of our senses constantly and continuously, application of NLP in schools, stress management, interpersonal relationship’.

The participants were exposed to various exercises and activities which indeed helped them to realize and find out what type of person she is within.Various video clips and exercises enlightened the participants to open up their eyes to the reality within and how this experience can be utilized in the schools and training centres and among women in villages.

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