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Auxilium Vidya Niketan – Mittapally - Banaganapalle

With the slogan “Make it Happen” we hoisted the Women’s day celebrations in our Auxilium Vidya Niketan School on 7-3-2015 as 8th March falls on Sunday. We were glad to have Mrs. Dhana f Krishi Vignan Kendra, Banaganapalle as our chief guest.

On this auspicious day we were glad to invite all the mothers of our students. The campus looked very colourful with many women. We started our programme at 10.00 am. All the women were reminded of their school days by their active participation in the games. “Passing the ball” and “bombing the city” were conducted in honour of them. Their valuable presence added joy to our celebration. These were preceded to a meaningful cultural programme prepared by the staff and the students.

The chief guest Mrs. Dhana Lakshmi delivered an inspiring message on ‘women” said, in the good old days women were confined only to kitchen , child rearing, considered below dignity and were looked down. They were married very young and were sent away to their husband’s house. When husband dies they too had to practice Sathi. Today in this modern age the government has given equal rights and opportunities to women to come up at power with men. The women have the freedom to study to any extent and hold the highest honours in the society and become the great personalities. We have many women leaders who have tread the path bravely ahead of us after our independence. Some of them to mention are: Sm. Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, Kiran Bedi, the first Indian IPS, Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, the first Governor of India, Mrs. Prathiba Patel the former President of India. With their courage and will power they are held high and became the pride of our nation. We also have the women in every kind of field such as lady collectors, lady police, lady conductors, Social women welfare officers, district judges, professors, lectures, state administrative officers, MLA’S, MP’S and ministers. Women are forward in various stages so we say “Mahilallu Maharanullu”. In women one can trace mother, sister and strength. So, dear mothers do not hesitate to educate your girl child, educate them well, and give them the freedom to grow together with equal rights and freedom. Help them stand on their own legs because a well educated woman disciplines the family in all the ways.

She also appreciated our school and said that she has never seen any school celebrating this Women’s day so grand. She advised the students to remember their teachers because after mother and father they are equal to God.

The mothers and the chief guest appreciated the staff Lakshmi, the co-coordinator and the students for their heart touching programme. The entire cultural programme attracted them. The skit and the dance on mothers love touched their hearts and they remembered their mothers. Every one who stepped into our campus was happy to have participated in the programme. At the end of the programme, tea and snacks were served to women, children and the teachers. Thus, the memorable day came to an end leaving a message “MAKE IT HAPPEN” for every woman.

Prizes were distributed to the women who stood first, second and third in the games conducted and children were given prizes for the sports and games conducted in our campus on the sports’ day.

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