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In Auxilium, Yeleswaram, women’s day was celebrated on 7th March. The women in the campus, the tailoring ladies and young girls, lady teachers, and the lady workers actively took part in the celebration of the day. In the morning we had the singing completion for the ladies. The theme of the competition was the women and their strengths. Afternoon we conducted a few individual and group games for the ladies. At 3.30 pm we had the common gathering. Sr. Saly, the animator of Auxilium welcomed the resource person and the women for the celebration. Our resource person was Mrs. Samrajam, Maths lecturer, Government Degree College, Yeleswaram. She in her inspiring message, enthused the women ‘to make it happen’ the theme of the day by illustrating examples of our former lady President Prathiba Patel, by carrying out the responsibility of the First Citizen of the country for the first time in the history of India. She explained the courage of Mary, our Blessed Mother to bring forth Jesus as the saviour of the world. She also quoted the strength and power of women in our ancient Vedas and Epics. They were able to achieve or made it happen their mission, since they believed in their inner strength.

She also exhorted that by learning a trade, for example the tailoring, the women are going to contribute to the economic stability of a family, a society and a country at large. It’s a way of empowerment of oneself and of others. Miss. Neeraja and Mrs. Shakunthala expressed their words of thanks. Snacks were distributed to all at the end of the programme. It was sponsored by our tailoring class women. Everyone dispersed with a new determination to make it happen their plans and programmes for a better family and a society.

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